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Thread Contributor: CaptainPosting images

Jan 2017

This is just a quick notice as to what we feel is the best way to post an image here on Wild Forums. We have fairly limited back-end server storage, and therefore have to put a fairly small limit on attachments in order to not go over this allowance. 

To post photos into your posts, the best way is to upload them to a photo sharing site such as Imgur or others (Options). Once you have uploaded the photo, you can link it into your post by pressing the Image button in the editing bar. This is located just to the right of the middle. It looks like a blue photo, with a green + symbol in the bottom right corner. Paste the link from the photo into the pop up and insert a size if you wish. The photo is now in your post! 

This can link to google, twitter, facebook or wherever you can load the photo with a URL ending in an image file type (.jpg etc)

I hope that this makes sense. Please contact any of the staff if you need further assistance.

Thanks for being a member

~Wild Forums Staff

Please do not hesitate to PM me with any questions

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