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Thread Contributor: SnooptelsecNew to Path of Exile? Get PoE currency using this way


Sep 2019
If new to the path of exile and only has a small amount of capital, it is better not to bet on this success rate. It is better to buy the finished product next or use the corresponding Essence Challenger Trophy to make your own equipment. However, if you want to purchase orbs, VHPG is the best poe currency site. Of course, making equipment yourself is It is very fulfilling. As for getting rich by making equipment, it requires deep knowledge and experience, as well as funds.
[Image: poe-c-hideout-07a.jpg]

This article is a cognitive article on equipment production, which mainly summarizes the relevant knowledge about equipment production, identifying attributes, and the integration of different equipment production guideposts. Since the attributes of the equipment float randomly within a certain interval after the emergence (that is, the roll value), it is often necessary to calculate the theoretical limit of a piece of equipment when making equipment. This is the skill that must be mastered when making equipment and identifying equipment. Yo ~

PS: In order to facilitate comparison and calculation, I hope that everyone can open the affix URL (exile chronicle affix) while doing the equipment while watching ~ everyone's BD is different, here I will introduce the practice of general equipment, and understand the equipment To a certain extent, the ultimate goal is to make different equipment according to different BD needs. After all, only the right one is the best.

Main topic: Emphasis: The equipment patch is not completely accurate, especially when making equipment, it can only be used as a simple reference. In some cases, errors will occur (described below). Don't rely on it completely to avoid loss.

Let ’s take a look at this equipment. First of all, analyze the affix (energy shield hereinafter referred to as ES) prefix including a percentage ES single affix, a percentage ES compound affix (the two together constitute 158% ES), and a numerical ES affix (72ES ). A stunning block reply compound affix, a stun block reply single suffix (the two together constitute 37% of the reply) and a master's enchanted cold resistance.

Normally, we will determine that the ES compound affix is a T singular suffix + T digit affix based on the attributes of the red circle, and use this to determine the ES upper limit, but because the stun block response is also a compound affix, so this There is no way to determine the ES limit for a piece of equipment. If some patches are displayed, it is obviously wrong.

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